Superhero Project

Ages: 9-10

This project consists of three different lessons: drawing, printmaking, and comic book making.
The first lesson was about students exploring different types of superheroes, and sketch their imaginary superheroes onto drawing paper.
The second lesson was to transfer their sketches to styrofoam board to print their characters onto a white paper.

Students then made stamps to make background, and printed their superhero on black paper.
The last lesson was to make comic book about their superhero.

My Neighborhood

Ages: 9-10

Students discussed about their neighborhood, and then drew and painted with watercolor. 

After students are done with paintings, students chose cut out letters from newspaper and magazines to attach three different words describing their neighborhood onto their paintings.

A worksheet to practice four basic watercolor painting was included during lesson.

Drawing Stop-motion Animation

Ages: 11-13

Students grouped up into five different groups of three to draw with charcoal on 18"x24" drawing paper. 

After students drew a scene, students took photo with digital camera on the tripod, and went back into drawings to repeat to make the stop-motion animation.  

Social Justice Self-portrait Poster

Grades: 8th Grade

This project consists of four parts: digitally illustrating students self-portrait using Adobe Illustrator, repaint their self-portrait using one hue, exploring typefaces, and combining them all together to build a social justice poster about students' own interests.