Food Sensory Experiment for FDC161

*This curriculum was written as a project of the class called "College Teaching;" therefore, this curriculum was never taught in real life. 

Project Description

Students will choose a food. Students will find one food from Pratt cafeteria or Pie Shop (or any food one may get from Pratt), take the picture of food, experiment the food, and not the feelings of the food according to each of five senses - taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound. Students will then analyze the colors of the food to create a series of 5 panels of 6"x6" based on each senses of the food. Students should use the colors of the food only. Once students are done, students will integrate the 5 panels and create one big poster of at least 18"x24".

Ex)  Apple

Taste - juicy, sour, sweet

Sight - curvy, pointy

Touch - hard, easy to grab

Smell - slight sweetness

Sound - crunch, crispy

Learning Goals: Students will

Create a series of panels of the food

Research and analyze the food

Express food visually by designing abstract impression

Explore senses through medium of food

Visualize five senses

Learning Objectives: Students can

Develop analyzing colors

Use design thinking skills to visualize abstract senses.

Schedule Summary

Class 1  (1/2). Lecture + Workshop

Students will be given with a lecture about representing colors without saying or using direct colors. Students will then choose a color, research and create a list/mood board that represent a color

Class 1 (2/2). Bring a food, experiment and sketch 5 panels

Students will bring a food of their choice (ex. an apple) to the classroom. Students will record the five senses of the food -  taste, smell, touch, sight, and smell of the food on their sketchbook and begin to sketch. 

Class 2 (1/2). Workday for 5 panels

Students will work on their panels using Adobe Illustrator to create 5 panels visualizing individual senses.

Class 2 (2/2). Critique and revise the 5 panels

This class will be used to have another critique as a formal assessment, and work revision. 

At the end of this class, final critique for this project will be conducted. 

Class 3 (1/2). Sketch for one big poster

Students will sketch for combining  5 panels to create one big poster to represent the food. 

Class 3 (2/2). Create one big poster

Students will continue working on the poster. At the end of the class, students will have a short field trip to the computer lab to use plotter to print out their poster. Final critique for poster will be conducted.