Students will draw and paint their neighborhood scenery with watercolor paint, and will add narrative stories using collage. 

Central Foci
1. Art Context: 

Painting, collage, composition, narrative

2. Elements and Principles: 
  • Elements: line, shape, text
  • Principle: composition, story telling
3. Personal Perspective: 

I will ask students if they have any experience with watercolor paint to check how many students have prior knowledge or experience of using watercolor painting.

For individual self-expression, they will have opportunities to talk about during their works during formative assessment and reflection.

4. Production ("Making" words): 

Cutting, painting, drawing, attaching, combining

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Create a narrative story using collage
  • Composite a scenery
  • Develop motor skill using various art materials.
  • Develop watercolor painting skills
  • Control Water to create various opacity/transparency

Students will understand that:

  • An artwork may create narrative stories
  • Text helps to enhance storytelling.
  • Mixing two or more colors create other colors. 
Essential Prior Learning
  • Use of pencils
  • Basic color mixing theory
  • Knowledge on holding and treating watercolor brushes properly
Learning Readiness

Students have experience using and controlling scissors to cut papers precisely. This project will provide students more challenges controlling scissors more precisely. Students will also be able to create a story by combining different letters, or different words together. 

Potential Misunderstandings and Strategies

Students might not have experienced, or do not have enough experiences using watercolor paint. In order to prevent this potential struggles, I will demonstrate simple techniques and have them practice four basic watercolor techniques: wet paper - wet brush, wet paper - dry brush, dry paper - wet brush, and dry paper - dry brush.


Watercolor Palettes

Watercolor brush - various sizes

Large brown paper or newsprint to cover tables

Water containers

Large black paper for gallery space


Big Sharpie

4B Pencils (or drawing pencils)

Gum Erasers

Kneaded Erasers

Pencil Sharpeners

Masking Tape

Clear Push pins

Kids-friendly Magazines

Visual Resources


  • A Love Letter to the City by Stephen Powers


Berenice Abbott

Helen Levitt


Romare Bearden

  • The Dove
  • The Block